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MSA 2000 additional Drive enclosure setup

Edwin C
Occasional Contributor

MSA 2000 additional Drive enclosure setup

Hi all, my current provision of 12 x 300GB have ran out and I have already proceeded to order a new chassis of p2000 of 12 x 300GB to be added to my san.

According to the HP storage engineer who will be implementing the installation, he suggested that there will be a downtime needed to connected the current p2000 with the new one that I be buying. I have tried to search for relevant document/white paper for some answers but not able to find any. Anyone can help please?
Trygve Henriksen
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Re: MSA 2000 additional Drive enclosure setup



The MSA2000 you have must be very different from my MSA2000(MSA2324fc), as I have added 3 MSA70 shelves to it without having to shut it down.
(I have no experience with the 12disk model, only the 24disk model)

I just mount the rails, slide the new shelf into place and connect power leads.
Then I hook up the two eSATA cables(two parallel cable chains from 2324 -> MSA70 ->MSA70 -> MSA70. Got to have redundancy... ) and take a tea break.
Then I slot in a new disk or two every now and then when I have an errand near the server room.
So easy that I could probably even explain it to my boss.

Plugging in more than one or two disks at a time can cause issues, I understand.