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Re: MSA 2000 vlume resignaturing


MSA 2000 vlume resignaturing


We recently lost a drive in a Raid5 array. Upon replacing the drive, another drive crumbled at the end of the initial rebuild. The raid collapsed and we had to resume operation with trust enabled. Upon resume, 3 of the 4 volumes on the vDisk were mountable, however one is possibly corrupt or needs some attention.

VM ESX 3.5 can see and connect to the vmfs volume and can even recognize that there is a datastore on it. The problem is that upon a rescan, ESX storage wont mount the datastore.

What I was hoping was possible is...Can we perform a resignature of the volume in question from the GUI or the CLI on the MSA?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA 2000 vlume resignaturing

The VMFS resignature is done from the ESX server, not the MSA.