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MSA 2012FC EventCode 207 Parity Mismatch

Adam Wambolt
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MSA 2012FC EventCode 207 Parity Mismatch

We started to get this new alert after replacing a controller. There is of course a bad sector on a disk, however, the error points only to the volume and not an individual disk.

The research i did points to an eventID 58, however, I can see no such event in the eventlogs. Can anyone assist?

Scrub failed on vdisk : Array2, SN: 00c0ffd581610048c85f944d00000000 1 parity mismatches were detected. If a disk fails data may be at risk. Action...

Re: MSA 2012FC EventCode 207 Parity Mismatch

Please find the following,


1. Replace the faulty drive.

2. This should trigger a vdisk reconstruct to the previously configured brand new Global Spare.

3. Wait until the array reconstruct completes.

4. Once vdisk reconstruct completes a vdisk scrub will start automatically. It is likely that the Vdisk Array scrub job still fails with parity mismatches but now we have healthy hard drives on the system whereas before reconstructs where done to unhealthy drives.

If you still gets the same message then follow,

1. Run the verify command from the CLI :

# verify vdisk Array

2. Wait until the verify process is complete;

3. IF the above command did not find a suspect drive and did not report any error, then run the verify with the fix option from the CLI as follows :

# verify vdisk Array fix Array

4. Wait until the verify-fix process is complete;

5. Once complete restart scrub on vdisk Array

6. Wait until the scrub process is complete;

The verify-fix utility might not solve all Scrub errors or correct parity on the virtual disk.

If that's the case, e.g. if the scrub process continues to report errors after PART II step 6 above then you needs to:

1. Make a full verified backup of Array vdisk

2. Delete Array vdisk

3. Re-create vdisk Array from scratch

4. Restore from backup;

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Re: MSA 2012FC EventCode 207 Parity Mismatch


1. Replace the faulty drive.


Help me find faulty drive. I have messages about error in the VDISK and have not messages about drive.

I have 12 drive in the array and many MSA in the one file system. 

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Re: MSA 2012FC EventCode 207 Parity Mismatch

You should be little careful here as data is at risk.

For MSA G3 you can take the steps mentioned in "Resolving Scrub errors" in the document http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c02520788/c02520788.pdf OR




Please do have a verified backup taken first.


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