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MSA 2012fc scrub and verify errors

Rodrigo Verissimo
Occasional Advisor

MSA 2012fc scrub and verify errors

Hello group, I read all the previous threads concerning the issue of scrub errors encountered and i still cannot find a way of identifying the location (physical drive) of the errors, anyway the debug logs show thousands of line like this one :

08/17 11:20:00 0 r6Analyze Q failed lbn=EEC32000 lba=17E0D000 89459

Isn't the LBA and LBN the address on the vdisk that could be used to pinpoint the faulting physical drive ?

One previous thread suggested that enabling information event #58 reporting could show the faulting drive, but the mails i receive do not show this kind of event, although i turned on the reporting of all informational events.

It seems that the latest firmware trigger a verify after scrub errors are found, is there a way of disabling auto-verify, or do i need to disable auto-scrub to disable auto-verify ?

PS : we use the latest firmware, J200P39

Thank you in advance for any information.