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MSA 2110I utilizing ISCSI at 2G

David Biscoe
New Member

MSA 2110I utilizing ISCSI at 2G


I have an MSA2110I with 2 controllers with Dual interfaces. I am trying to get my SAN running at 2G ISCSI. Planning on doing a High Availablity Dual controller connection through 2 switches to a dual port data host. Planning to use a switches/Vlans one for each Controller Channel.

Will Controller A port 1 and controller B port 1 that is connected to a switch, then the switch to the ISCSI controller cards give me a 2G pipe to the SAN. Would each controller be active in that configuration? Currently I have the controller cards on the SAN connected directly to my ISCSI Cards on my nodes. I will only have one port of one controller active at any time. I want to use the switch to double the path to the ISCSI. Using Toe cards and jumbo frames...

At the end of the day, I am trying to run a 2G connection to my SAN. I am running an active/passive 2003R2 cluster.

Thanks for your support and any suggestions you may have.