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MSA 2312fc dual controller loss of management capability on one of controllers

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MSA 2312fc dual controller loss of management capability on one of controllers



I'm managing HP Storageworks MSA2312fc dual controller with two enclosures.

Controllers are AJ798A

Controller A became unresponsive. I cannot ping it and cannot connect to it.

Controller B is responding normally.

Firmware version is M110R28


I have exclamation mark on first enclosure, health degraded,  saying health problem on Controller A


I connected with telnet od Controller B

I tried to restart controller A with commands

restart mc A

restart sc A


No success, loss of management capability remain on controller A


Analyzing this situation I found following articles:





After that I decided to upgrade firmware on functional controller B on version M112R14.

Firmware upgrade on Controller B finished successfully.


After that using Partner Firmware Upgrade I managed tu upgrade firmware on Controller A but I still suffer from loss of management capability on controller A


I tried to use following commands:


command: restart mc A

result is: Controller A is not up


command: restart sc A

result is: Cannot obtain data lock. Will continue to wait

Success: Command completed successfully. - SC A was restarted.


Reading Revision History on:



It says:

Critical - for customers running firmware versions M110R25 or M110R28.
An issue exists on HP MSA2000 G2 controllers running firmware versions M110R25 or M110R28 that will eventually cause controller configuration information to be lost, with subsequent loss of management capability from that controller. Array management, event messaging, and logging will cease functioning, but host I/O will continue to operate normally. This issue affects the ability to manage the array from the affected controller only; if a partner controller is available, the array can be managed through the partner controller. Because configuration information is stored in non-volatile memory, resetting or powering off the controller will not clear this error. If the issue occurs, the controller must be replaced. This failure mode is time sensitive and HP recommends immediately upgrading firmware on all HP MSA2000 G2 controllers to a version more recent than M110. This is not a hardware issue and proactive replacement of a controller is not a solution. To avoid this condition, you must upgrade your controller to the latest version of firmware. Please refer to the Customer Advisory for more details on this issue.


So is there any way I could fix my problem with loss of management capability on controller A, or I need to replace Controller with new one?


Thanks everyone for responding in this issue.

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Re: MSA 2312fc dual controller loss of management capability on one of controllers

I've seen such issues recently. You can try to reseat the controller. If the management does not return afterwards, replace the controller.