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MSA 2312i explicit mappings

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MSA 2312i explicit mappings

Hi. We have MSA 2312i storage with firmware:
both controllers has the same parameters

Storage Controller Code Version - M110R21
Memory Controller FPGA Code Version - F300R22
Storage Controller Loader Code Version - 19.009
Management Controller Code Version - W441R06
Management Controller Loader Code Version - 12.015
Expander Controller Code Version - 1103
CPLD Code Version - 8

The question is - why, if I use default mapping for all hosts to a volume, wich has, for explane, default number LUN 5, and if I use explicit mapping for a special host and set acces type - "no-access", after that I can see the error: "Correct the errors below: Enter a LUN.". If I enter the LUN number and click "Apply", the LUN number disappear and I see the same error. Am I doing something wrong?
And I want to ask professionals, does that setting affect other hosts which is default mapped?

Excuse me for my english :)