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MSA 2324fc Serial Number

Lash J

MSA 2324fc Serial Number

Hi there,

I've got a customer with a degraded controller.

I need to go through HP Warranty to get a replacement part.

However, I can't get to the serial number of the MSA.

I've been to the SMU, but I can get only the Enclosure WWN as a means of identification.

Will that WWN be enough to claim warranty?

I can't get to the Enclosure physically either for on site verification.

Thanks for helping.
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA 2324fc Serial Number

Hi, you can find the serial number in the store.log file.

In the MSA2324 I think you can find this under tools / logs or it might be under Manage -> Utilities -> Debug Utilities and "generate log information".

The WWN is not enough and the HP serial number is 10 or 12 characters and starts with at least two letters, quite often with the MSA they start with CL.
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Re: MSA 2324fc Serial Number

Thank you very much it helped me.

I also had to look for "enclosure-wwn" in order to find the serial.