MSA ACU access

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MSA ACU access

at a customer we have MSA 2012FC dual controller - product number AJ743A.

I am MSA rooky admin and would like some guidance. The Array configuration utility does not identify the MSA, I can only see intednal controller.

We have a Windows Server 2003 (HP ProLiant ML350 G3). In HP System Management Homepage under External Storage Connections the systems identifies HP FC1143 4Gb PCI-X 2.0 HBA.
But it does not identify the MSA => Storage Systems: None.

From the server
We can successfully connect to IP of the controller via
- ssh
- HP StorageWorks MSA Discovery Tool
We can not connect to IP of the controller via
- Array Configuration Utility
- Web access (worked with some problems, now it stopped completely)

LUN is successfully mapped to the server and I want to enable Array Configuration access to the controller.

HP MSA related services are running:
- HP StorageWorks SMI-S CIMOM
- HP StorageWorks VSS Hardware Provider

Do you have any ideas/expirience how to solve my problem?
Am I missing something basic?

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Re: MSA ACU access

Additional info regarding HTTP/HTTPS access. It does not work beside the fact that protocols are up and running on the MSA

# show protocols
Service and Security Protocols
Web Browser Interface (HTTP) : Enabled
Secure Web Browser Interface (HTTPS) : Enabled
Command Line Interface (Telnet) : Enabled
Secure Command Line Interface (SSH) : Enabled
Storage Management Initiative Specification(SMIS) : Enabled
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) : Disabled
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) : Enabled
Service Interface (Service): Disabled
Service Debug (Debug) : Disabled
Inband SES Management (SES) : Enabled
Inband CAPI Management (CAPI) : Enabled

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Re: MSA ACU access

ACU is for smartarray controllers (this includes the MSA1000/1500), the MSA2000 are managed from the web frontend or CLI.

Hope this helps!

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Patrick Terlisten
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Re: MSA ACU access

Hello Andrej,

you can't manage the MSA2000 series with ACU. ACU is only for internal Smart Array controllers and the MSA1000/ 1500cs. If you want to administrate the MSA2000 you have to use the CLI (Telnet, SSH, Serial) oder the Webinterface (via browser). If you can't access the Webinterface you have to restart the management controllers due the CLI.

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Re: MSA ACU access

Thanks for the exact information.