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MSA P2000 New drive wont join raid

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MSA P2000 New drive wont join raid

I had a  drive fail so i replaced it with a Western digital RE3 same size drive as the others speed ect. I then cleared the Meta data and set it as a global spare and two days later it hasnt been added to the raid. So i have removed it from a global spare and just left it as available and the raid still hasnt added it back it. Also restarted just incase.Am i missing a step somewhere? 





Thanks in advance 

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Re: MSA P2000 New drive wont join raid


The disk that is being used could be a incompatible drive. please refer P2000G3 quickspecs to identify compatible disks with MSA.


refer pg no 32.

Reason : HP uses custom firmware on drives associated with a storage array non HP disks may not work well with this storage product.
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