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MSA P2000G3 iSCSI problem

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MSA P2000G3 iSCSI problem


i'm trying to connect an BL870c to this MSA via iSCSI protocol.

I've changed the initializator name, but now i've on the hosts part of P2000 the same machine with one in uppercase and other in lowercase. I cannot delete the one with uppercase because it said to me "Cannot delete host, there is no nickname".

Also we I map a particular lun to this host, the p2000 create a new one with a lowercase name..

here an example:

# show hosts
Host ID Name Discovered Mapped Profile Host Type
5001438004c2e76e XENSERV04_02 Yes Yes Standard FC
5001438004c2e858 XENSERV03_01 Yes Yes Standard FC
5001438004c2e85a XENSERV03_02 Yes Yes Standard FC
5001438003b90aac XENSERV05_01 Yes Yes Standard FC
5001438003b90aae XENSERV05_02 Yes Yes Standard FC
5001438004c2e76c XENSERV04_01 Yes Yes Standard FC
iqn.2010-06.com.mycomp:BEDRDB01 Yes No Standard iSCSI
21fd00051e7d455e Yes No Standard FC
21fd00051e7c9bb9 Yes No Standard FC
iqn.2010-06.com.mycomp:bedrdb01 No Yes Standard iSCSI
Success: Command completed successfully.

if i try to delete "iqn.2010-06.com.mycomp:BEDRDB01" i get this error:
Unable to remove the host(s).
The host entry does not have an associated nickname. (iqn.2010-06.com.mycomp:BEDRDB01) - Host iqn.2010-06.ccom.mycomp:BEDRDB01 has no nickname, so it cannot be deleted.
The host entry does not have an associated nickname.

we i do a map of the lun, it will create the second host "com.mycomp:bedrdb01" :(

there is a method to delete this ghost host and start from scratch? I cannot reboot the controllers also any type of stop on the HP-UX machine seems to not work, the daemon iswd still there..also with a kill :(

can anyone help me?


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Re: MSA P2000G3 iSCSI problem

any one??

c'mon... support said to me that HP-UX is not supported.. but seem also linux is not supported

still have same issue with a Linux host, and the only way to delete the "ghost IQN" is to reboot the controllers..

i can believe anyone is not using ISCSI with P2000...
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Re: MSA P2000G3 iSCSI problem

According quickspecs (http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13551_div/13551_div.HTML) linux is supported, so you can open a case for it.