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MSA with replication and continuous access

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MSA with replication and continuous access


We are going to deploy 2 data centers, and will have every server at main data center duplicated on the secondary data center.

About SAN, we are thinking about acquiring MSA P2000, but to continue with a logical deployment, we should have an MSA at main data center and another MSA at secondary data center that would be at every moment the replication of the other MSA.

Is that possible with MSA P2000? Any issue we should have in mind? Where can I find any document talking about that? Is there any other better way or model to get this?

Please find attached a drawing that shows what we have in mind.

Thank you.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA with replication and continuous access

The P2000 G3 does not have Continuous Access / synchronous replication. The P2000's replication is snapshot-based and, if I remember correctly, the data is shipped across the controller's Ethernet links.