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MSA1000 Cache + Redundant controller upgrade Question


MSA1000 Cache + Redundant controller upgrade Question


I want to run by you the plans i have for upgrading the MSA1000 controller cache, and installing a redundant controller - just to make sure ive got everything covered and havnt missed something simple.

I currently have an MSA1000 with 2 controllers. Both have 256mb cache. My redundant controller has failed and since been removed from the MSA1000.

I have a replacement for my failed redundant controller, that contains 512mb cache. I also have an additional 256mb cache chip to be installed in the primary controller. This will make both contorllers have 512mb Cache.

This is my plan of action (what needs to be verified)

1. Power down the servers connected to the MSA1000.

2. Remove the primary MSA1000 controller and install the additional 256mb cache, for a total of 512 cache.

3. Re-install primary MSA1000 controller and power on MSA1000 + servers

4. Verify functionality

5. Power off Servers, then MSA1000

6. Install the redundant MSA1000 Controller (replacing the failed one) with the cache of 512MB.

7. Power on MSA100, then servers, then verify.

Expected results. MSA1000 up and running with both controllers active, utilizing 512mb Cache on each.

Is this the proper way to do this task, or have i missed a step (or added a step)?

Please advise.

Both my servers are proliant DL380's running W2k3 SP2. They are running in a clustered environment with the MSA1000 as the SAN. Connected via fibre channel MSA2/3 switch.
Steven Clementi
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Re: MSA1000 Cache + Redundant controller upgrade Question

I would hold off on booting the servers after you install the the replacement controller until you confirm that both controllers are online and functioning.

I would also think that you can hot plug the replacement controller while the system is running. The controllers are hot swap last I remember and you don;t want a situation where the replacement controller "takes" over.

The controllers might have different firmware and you want the replacement to downgrade/upgrade before anything else. It should automatically do it last I remember.

Steven Clementi
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Re: MSA1000 Cache + Redundant controller upgrade Question

Good point. I DEFINTLY do not want my redundant controller to 'take over'. I would loose all my partitions if that happened.

So i my new procedure on this would be to:
1.Power down servers, then MSA1000

2. Install upgrade 256 Cache in primary controller.

3. Power on MSA1000 - verifiy

4. Hot plug the new, redundant controller with the 512mb cache installed, and verify

(How long does the firmware upgrade/downgrade process take, and how do i know once it has completed???)

5. power up the servers and verify.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA1000 Cache + Redundant controller upgrade Question

4. the cross-upgrade is managed via the OPC - you have to start it by the press of a button.
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Re: MSA1000 Cache + Redundant controller upgrade Question

The upgrade takes around 5 minutes.... Basically this will not happen automatically. The OCP will have a msg stating if you want to upgrade the firmware which is being pushed by the second controller. Hence, you can ignore this upgrade.

The best way is to go one by one. When u have planned to have a downtime, then its better to go on a safer way.

All the best!!