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MSA1000 MPIO and Win 2K8

Ed Cox
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MSA1000 MPIO and Win 2K8

Hi all,
I'm wondering if this is even supported. I have an MSA1000 with a Win2K8 server - boot from SAN. I installed the native MPIO on the server from the command line and opened the MPIO Control Panel applet but the MSA is nowhere to be found (specifically under "Discover MultiPaths). So...I thought I'd add it (under MPIO-ed Devices) and it is asking for Vendor and Product IDs...(8 and 16 character strings respectively).
First question: Am I wasting my time with this?
Second: If not...what are the Vendor and Product IDs? I tried COMPAQ and MSA1000 but that didn't work.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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Re: MSA1000 MPIO and Win 2K8

Hi, you don't mention the firmware in use on the MSA but for Win 2k8 you need 5.3 (A/P) can't remember the rev for A/A. Then you will need the MSA DSM (device specific module) to go with the Windows MPIO before it will all work. So long as the HBA drivers are suitable (the HP ones will recognise the MSA) then nothing else is needed, set up the connection and presentation on the MSA and your LUNs will be autmaticaly multipathed.
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