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MSA1000: Preferred Path Mode is "Unknown enumeration value 0"

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MSA1000: Preferred Path Mode is "Unknown enumeration value 0"



We have a MSA1000 connected to a Windows server for management using ACU. The MSA1000 also provides SPS-assigned storage to several VM hosts. There are two controllers in active/active configuration (f/w v7.00) with two 2/8 FC switches behind the controllers. An MSA30 is connected via SCSI cable to the MSA1000.


We had one of the two MSA1000 controllers replaced. After the controller was replaced, the System Management Homepage no longer showed the physical and logical drives on the Storage System Information page. However, we can see this information in the ACU.


The defective controller was swapped out with the replacement controller while the MSA1000 and MSA30 were online. All VM hosts and servers connected to the storage were shut down and rebooted. In ACU, I can see a #771 status message saying that there was valid data stored in the BBWC when it was last reset or powered up, and the #771 message will continue to appear until the next reset or power-cycle of the array controller. However, the attached VM hosts and servers started up without any problems.


I've attached a screenshot of the SMH. Does anyone have any suggestions re how to view the storage devices in SMH?