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MSA1000 firmware downgrade fails

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MSA1000 firmware downgrade fails

I have a MSA1000 with dual controller and a MSA Fabric switch 4/8. A while ago I installed FW 7.0 on it to test the active/active feature. Since then I have lot's of problems (links going down, controller going offline, ...). I decided to downgrade the MSA again (as there is currently no data on it there is no risk). I downloaded the fw 5.20 from http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodNameId=305215&prodTypeId=12169&prodSeriesId=377751&swLang=8&taskId=135&swEnvOID=1005#290

I installed it on a server connected to the SAN and launched the installed. The MSA was detected and I did the flash upgrade. A msg said the update was ok. I rebooted the MSA. When I follow the reboot on the CLI I see that it is still on version 7.0. Also the update tools stills say ROM 7.0.

I don't know what to try anymore!

Has any one an idea?

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Re: MSA1000 firmware downgrade fails


usually only one controller gets the firmware , when it powers back up they synch their firmware levels and use the latest (in this case v7.0 overwriting v5.2) you should get a message on the lcd asking confirmation to clone the firmware.
try doing one at a time by removing the other , check each after power up.

note :- you should backup any config you want to keep on the controllers before this, and data too usually but i see you have none currently on this array.


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Re: MSA1000 firmware downgrade fails

You can also install it one controller at a time. The Left controller from the front will be an active controller. Hence insert on controller on the left controller enclosure, flash it and then repeat the same with the second controller.

Once you are done upgrading the firmwares, bring down the MSA and the attached enclosures (if any). insert both the controllers, start the additional drive enclosures and then start the MSA box.

Confirm the firmware versions on the LCD.