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MSA1000 free HDD problems

Axel Werner
Occasional Contributor

MSA1000 free HDD problems

Hi all,

I have a problem with an assigned HDD.

We have 2 arrays configured with RAID5 on the controller. One 300 GB HDD was not assigned to any of the Arrays = free space.

Now I assigned the free HDD to the wrong Array but I´m not able to re-assign it!

The only thing I can do is to create a new logical device or resize the existing logical device. But I want to assign this HDD to the second array.

Why is this not possible?

Please help!!!!

We are using the Windows Software "Array Configuration Utility" on a Windows Server 2003 SP2
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1000 free HDD problems

Once you add a disk to an array, you cannot remove it. It works this way on all Smart Array controllers and MSAs.
The only way is to delete the array, freeing all it's disks.