MSA1000 issue

Britt Tabor
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MSA1000 issue

My MSA1000 stopped responding yesterday. I have 2 fiber switches installed, one as primary and the other secondary with connections going to separate fiber channel cards in each system for redundancy.

Someone restarted the MSA before I had a chance we had a chance to look at any information provided by the LCD display on the front. Error message that I get from my vSphere server farm is

Feb 14 00:15:44 jgssesx01 vobd: Feb 14 00:15:44.125: 8691436161681us: [vprob.vmfs.heartbeat.timedout] 4aca1c1e-30c2e990-2665-00237dd073de COS-MSA.
Feb 14 00:15:52 jgssesx01 vobd: Feb 14 00:15:52.108: 8691444145060us: [vprob.vmfs.heartbeat.recovered] 4aca1c1e-30c2e990-2665-00237dd073de COS-MSA.

These just repeated every 15-20 seconds during the issue.

Is there anyway to collect logs from the MSA itself to help troubleshoot what went wrong after the fact?
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Re: MSA1000 issue


Start here:〈=en&cc=us

Then click on Download Drivers and Software
Choose your OS and then look for Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) and use that (or any of the other supported utilities or apps)if the OS supports it. Otherwise you'll have to use the custom serial cable and cli commands outlined in the CLI Guide (show eventlog):