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MSA1000 lost unit_id after power outage

Kevin Carter_3
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MSA1000 lost unit_id after power outage

We have an MSA1000 connected to 3 AlaphaServers running OpenVMS v8.3, each having 2 HBA's. The MSA has 4 disks configured, unit 0 - unit 4. We went through a planned power outage this weekend.

When the SAN was powered up the "Unit Identifier" for each SAN disk (unit 0 - unit 4) was blank. Because the "Unit Identifier" was blank the alphaservers could not locate and mount their respective SAN disks.

Question: Is this normal behavior or is there a way for the SAN to maintain the "Unit Identifier" even when the power is off?

The other configuration parameters for the SAN were preserved.

Since we rarely power down the SAN it took me a few minutes to trouble shoot the problem. I would like the system to be less dependent on me if possible.


Shael Richmond
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Re: MSA1000 lost unit_id after power outage

No it's not normal but I have seen it before. We had a shelf go out and when HP replaced it the system started to boot and then crashed. After a long drawn out process they found all the unit id's were 0.