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MSA1500 CS Performance statistics

João Forte
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MSA1500 CS Performance statistics


I need to extract performance meters from my MSA1500 CS, but i'm kind of blocked on how to do it.

I wanted to try to use "HP StorageWorks Essentials SAN Visibility", but it requires an IP to connect to, which i don't have. I also tried "Opstor" (also requires a IP), SMI-S (but i don't know how to get to the information), i've looked around "System Management Homepage", as well as ACU, ACU-CLI and even through CLI commands... nothing... i can't find a way to extract performance meter from the MSA1500 CS.

The kind of performance meter i'm looking for is IOPS for example, but any more information is valuable.

I have 2 active/active controllers with firmware 7.10, i don't have any IP adresses configured on them, nor i even know how to do it (They are connected to the host through FC)

My next step is to install Insight Manager (which i'm not confortable with), and hope that it can read the SMI-S component that i installed in the host earlier on.

I'm not closed to a total different way of metering it, so, if you have a different approach, feel free to suggest. I just need something :)

any help is highly appreciated.
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Re: MSA1500 CS Performance statistics

Here's what I did on my MSA1500 with firmware 5.20.

Connect to the CLI with the supplied serial cable. Issue the command "start perf". This starts the performance information gathering process. Let it run for a while, then issue the command "show perf" to see the results.

I'm pretty sure there is no IP connectivity for this controller.