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Re: MSA1500 & MSA20 lock up

Helge X Tengstedt
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MSA1500 & MSA20 lock up


We have a MSA1500 with 5 x MSA20 shelves (all populated to the max with SATA drives). Firmware on the MSA1500 is 7.0. Firmware on the MSA20's is 2.02.

Periodically the MSA1500 "locks up" after an error on one of the SATA drives, after which you need to restart the MSA1500 in order to get the rebuild process started.

Anyone with a clue to why this is happening?

We are looking to upgrade to 7.1 and 2.08 - any good reasons for this as to the above?


Amol Garge
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Re: MSA1500 & MSA20 lock up


It seems that you have a failing disk in the enclosure which in turn is causing the back-end SCSI bus to hang.
Due to the SCSI bus hang, the MSA locking up.

Please contact HP support and let them analyze the logs and identify the failing disk(s).

This maybe also because you may have firmware mismatch in the enclosure disks, you may wanna check that as well.