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MSA1500cs extension installation guide

Adel Elamin
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MSA1500cs extension installation guide

Dear ITRC members
I have SAN solution consist of the following:
MSA1500cs connected with redundant SCSI cables to one disk enclosure.
The MSA connected through a redundant FC to two SAN switchs.
I have two rp3440 clustered servers running HP-UX 11i V2 connected through redundant FC to the SAN switchs.
Now I’ve purchased additional extension enclosure and I want to install it to the existing SAN with redundant SCSI cables.
What are the best guides and references to complete the installation?
Also I need HP ACU CLI for HP-UX but I couldn’t find it any where.
Any advice could help
Thanks in advance
Adel Elamin
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Re: MSA1500cs extension installation guide

docs on hp website