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MSA2000 Global Spare Query

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Andrew Granville
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MSA2000 Global Spare Query

Hi all,

I have a MSA2012i (Single Controller). All 12 slots have 300GB SAS disks installed. 1 of the disks is a Global Spare (for 3 configured vDisks).

I have recently purchased a second enclosure for future expansion which currently has no disks in any slots. I plan to only install 450GB disks in this enclosure.

My question is this; if I configure one of the new 450GB disks in the second enclosure as a global spare, will it act as a 300GB disk in the event of one of the 300GB disks failing in the original enclosure. Or do I need to have 2 Global Spares - 1 300GB and 1 450GB?



Re: MSA2000 Global Spare Query

There will be two Global spares.

In case of 1st 300GB drive failure 300GB drive will replace 1st failed drive.

In case of 2nd 300GB drive failure, 450GB will replace it but will act as 300GB.

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