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MSA2000i dual controller: Multipathing with Win2K8


MSA2000i dual controller: Multipathing with Win2K8


I use an MSA2000i dual controller together with serveral Windows Server 2008 machines. I want to enable multi pathing.

I followed the manual "HP StorageWorks MSA2000 Family MPIO DSM installation guide". I used:

1. servermanagercmd -install multipath-io
2. mpclaim -r -i -d "HP MSA2"

From then, in device manager all iSCSI disks are displayed as "HP MSA2012i Multi-Path Disk Device" and its properties contained the MPIO tab.

I'm just uncertain about one thing: The manual says I should use the built in native MPIO DSM.

But in MS technet it says that native MPIP supports only "SCSI Primary Commands-3 (SPC-3) compliant" devices.

When I go now to Administrative tools > MPIO and the "Discover Multi-Paths" tab the list of SPC-3 compliant devices is empty and I can't select the "Add support for iSCSI devices" checkbox because it is grayed out.

Is this normal behavior and everything working as expected or did I miss something?

Emauele Taverna
Occasional Contributor

Re: MSA2000i dual controller: Multipathing with Win2K8

hi, i have your same issue.