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MSA2012FC to MSA2312FC

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MSA2012FC to MSA2312FC

Hello, I have to migrate a MSA2012FC to MSA2312FC by replacing the single controller.

I have found no document explaining the process.

Do you know whether there is anything related to that?.

Also, Do you know whether it is possible or not to maintain the existent Arrays without backup and restore?

Thanks in advance.

Re: MSA2012FC to MSA2312FC

Hi I have found this broken link:
http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/getdocument.aspx?docname=4AA2-5207ENW.pdf to the document

» Upgrading the HP StorageWorks MSA2000 to the next generation (pdf)

Which by some comments says

You can upgrade without any loose of data.

Do anybody have that document?

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Re: MSA2012FC to MSA2312FC

I have a copy of it. If you let me know your email address I'll send it your way...

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Re: MSA2012FC to MSA2312FC

Mail just sent, sorry, didn't get the email notification of the thread reply...


(I this could be my first ever points on here! :)

Re: MSA2012FC to MSA2312FC

Thanks for the file

That is what I was looking for.


I'm attaching a quality reduced version of the file.

Thanks Very much

Re: MSA2012FC to MSA2312FC

Thanks Everybody.
I got the requested file.