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Re: MSA2012fc Vdisk Failure - Unknown Disk

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MSA2012fc Vdisk Failure - Unknown Disk

Hi All.
We are currently running a MSA2012fc with 2 additional enclosures.
After a power down yesterday, and subsequent turn on today, on of the Vdisks is in a failed state where 8 of the 11 drives show as 'Unknown disk' when viewing the disk status and will also not display the serial number about any of the disks themselves.
The error log shows an Error 3 Vdisk offline with earlier notifications of
172 Vdisk qurantined;
58 Disk detected error; and
59 Disk channel error.

At this point in time i'm pretty stuck as to where to go next and what to do. I've restarted both controllers and also done another full power down and up with no change.
The other vdisks all appear to be working as expected, only one seems to have failed.

My next stop will be a call to HP support to log a case but i wondered if anyone here had any suggestions of what to try or similar while working on this please?

Many thanks for your time
Patrick Terlisten
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Re: MSA2012fc Vdisk Failure - Unknown Disk


you should log a call at HP. There is a possibility to de-qurantine a Vdisk, but it's possible that you will lose data if to many disks of the Vdisk are missing (two disks of a RAID 5 for example).

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Best regards,
Niels Vejrup Pedersen
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Re: MSA2012fc Vdisk Failure - Unknown Disk

Have you tried using the Rescan utility ?

Theres also a Trust Vdisk possibility.

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Re: MSA2012fc Vdisk Failure - Unknown Disk

Thanks all for the help.
I did indeed log a call and it seems that a 'disk timestamp' style issue was occurring where the vdisks were out of sync.
As suggested a 'trust' command issue (with the help of some very supportive people at HP) resolved the problem.

I've learned several things from this experience - the most important for me being the cli is your friend, and the gui doesn't always tell the truth :)

Thanks again