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MSA2012i - Installing second drive enclosure

Dejan Savic
Occasional Contributor

MSA2012i - Installing second drive enclosure

Hi all.
We have MSA2012i + 1 additional drive enclosure installed and running for little over 1 year. Now we'd like to install one more drive enclosure. Is is straight forward as:
1. turn off existing drive enclosure and MSA
2. attach additional drive enclosure
3. turn on in proper order
4. check fw version of new and old enclosure and upgrade if necessary
What troubles can I expect? I'd really like to avoid data loss (although I've backed up everything). I think I've found somwhere case of wrong enumeration of enclosures that occured after intalling additional one, but can't find white paper again.
Any advice will be highly appreciated.
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA2012i - Installing second drive enclosure


you're on the right way. I can't see anything wrong in you plan. You should check the cabling after the installation and before you power on, but even if the cabling is wrong, you should lose no data.

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