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MSA2012sa in RHEL 5.2

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MSA2012sa in RHEL 5.2

Hi There,

i`m the new one with a question ;)

surprise surprise.

Im Trying to multipath a msa2012sa, but it wont work, because i didnt find the disks in multipath.
[root@foo sbin]# multipath -v3
cciss!c0d0: not found in pathvec
cciss!c0d0: mask = 0x1f
cciss!c1d0: not found in pathvec
cciss!c1d0: mask = 0x1f
cciss!c1d1: not found in pathvec
cciss!c1d1: mask = 0x1f
md0: blacklisted
ram0: blacklisted
ram10: blacklisted
ram11: blacklisted
ram12: blacklisted
ram13: blacklisted
ram14: blacklisted
ram15: blacklisted
ram1: blacklisted
ram2: blacklisted
ram3: blacklisted
ram4: blacklisted
ram5: blacklisted
ram6: blacklisted
ram7: blacklisted
ram8: blacklisted
ram9: blacklisted
===== no paths =====
[root@foo sbin]#

Fdisk shows me the two disks, which should be multipathed

dunno what to do, in all documents of HP i ve searched, but doesnt find any solution.

or does the msa2012 doesntwork with multipath?

FW is already updated to J300P13

any help would be appreciated.