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MSA2300fc - user accounts not replicated

Ruben Renders
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MSA2300fc - user accounts not replicated


A client installed an msa2300fc (dual controller array).

I noticed that the firmware is already up to date (M100R18). I think this is still the first one of this brand new product.

The array itself works fine, but if a user is created on controller 1, the user account is not replicated to controller 2. (All servers have 4 paths to storage, which means the controller can reach both disk groups).

I checked the manuals for possible reasons for this, but found nothing which could explain this issue. It's also remarkable that the msa2000 and older products replicate the user config.

Anyone an idea?

Thx in advance.
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Re: MSA2300fc - user accounts not replicated


The firmware indeed is the latest one and no new releases yet.

How are you creating the users would be my first question? There are no known issues on this so far.

Would request you to remove the user which you have added and follow the steps in the guide below to add them once again and let me know the results.


Another thing to keep in mind is the logout procedure. If you do not log out of SMU when you have finished using it, other manage users cannot log in to the same controller module and your IP address stays logged in for 30 minutes (the default auto-logout timeout setting).