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MSA2312FC Vdisks Offline

Dirk Mills
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MSA2312FC Vdisks Offline

We have a MSA2312FC with (3) enclosures in a redundant configuration. The third enclosure failed. Once we got the enclosure back up, are vdisks are now offline and the disks in the 3rd enclosure are in the "LEFTOVR" state. What can we do to get the vdisks online and the disk back into the vdisk? Is the CLI command "trust vdisk" the right apporach?
Jan Soska
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Re: MSA2312FC Vdisks Offline

we had similar issue, I spend lot of time searching solution... generally trusk vdisk is the only option and worked in my case, but after this experience I consider MSA's as really lowend with horific management. Go for EVA on first occasion... :)


Re: MSA2312FC Vdisks Offline

Generally in this case "trust vsidk" need to use but I would suggest to log a case with HP and re-confirm.

If used improperly, the Trust Virtual Disk feature can cause unstable operation and data loss. Only use this function for disaster recovery purposes and when advised to do so by a service technician. The virtual disk has no tolerance for any additional failures.

To enable and use Trust Vdisk:
1. Select Manage > Utilities > Recovery Utilities > Enable Trust Vdisk.
2. Select Enabled.
3. Click Enable/Disable Trust Vdisk.
The option remains enabled until you trust a virtual disk or restart the storage system.
4. Select Manage > Utilities > Recovery Utilities > Trust Vdisk.
5. Select the virtual disk and click Trust This Vdisk.
6. Back up the data from all the volumes residing on this virtual disk and audit it to make sure that it is intact.
7. Select Manage > Virtual Disk Config > Verify Virtual Disk. While the verify utility is running, any new data written to any of the volumes on the virtual disk is written in a parity-consistent way.

Note â If the virtual disk does not come back online, it might be that too many
drives are offline or the virtual disk might have additional failures on the bus or
enclosure that Trust Vdisk cannot fix.

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Re: MSA2312FC Vdisks Offline

HP will want you to upgrade the Firmware,
which could be a really good thing to do,
depending on your current version.
There have been a lot of issues with this array.

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