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MSA2312fc expand volume slow

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MSA2312fc expand volume slow

I needed to expand a vdisk on MSA2312fc, RAID 5, 4 disks, added 3rd. All the disk are 300GB. The expand utility has been running for 48 hours and it is only 16% done. Is this normal?

DId I miss somehting important when reading literature on the storage appliance? Do higher end appliances expand much faster?

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Thaufik Jonhar
Tyler Rosolowski
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Re: MSA2312fc expand volume slow

If you check the forums here it's a common problem with the G2's, the G1's did not have this issue.

We currently have a G2 with a tray of 2GB Nearline SATA Drives with 9 in a RAID5, set it to expand to 10 (ie add 1 more drive.)

This job will complete in 200 days.

During this time, if a drive fails, the rebuild won't occur, and you cannot cancel the expansion and I don't believe you can restart the MSA2000, or update it's firmware.

It's horrific
Bhavnish Kamboj (BK)
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Re: MSA2312fc expand volume slow

According to HP it is normal, it takes a lot time in MSA2K for expansion.

And you cannot cancel this operation, which make it more worst.

Check with HP once if they have introduced any utility or something to either cancel or make it fast.
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Re: MSA2312fc expand volume slow

I have added 4 new disk of 2 TB each into existing 20 TB(24 x 2 TB SAS Drives) HP SAN (P2000 G3 FC).

we expand SAN to use the new 4 drive. expand process is running since last 6 days and just completed 5%.

any one has any idea why is running too slow?