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MSA2312fc with single controller

Daryl Thomson
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MSA2312fc with single controller

I am able to get to the website to the login page but when entering any admin credentials it comes back and says it was unable to authenticate.


Anyone know how to fix this so I can log in?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA2312fc with single controller

Try restarting the management controller (restart mc from CLI).

Re: MSA2312fc with single controller

Have you tried to login from CLI?


1st ping one of the controller management IP address and then if you gets response then telnet to that controller by using the following credentials,


Username: manage

Password: !manage


After entering into the CLI of controller A, give the following command,


restart mc b


Check if it works. If not then you can login to another Controller in the same way and try the above for another controller.

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