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MSA2312i extra disk in vdisk

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MSA2312i extra disk in vdisk

I checked all the documentation but could not find an answer so I am asking for help here.

There was an existing 3TB vdisk RAID5 with a 2TB volume in it and I added a 1TB identical physical disk for a total of now 4 disks. I then expanded the vdisk to include the new drive because it now shows 4 with a degraded status. The volume is still at 2TB.

Is there a way to safely remove the extra disk and undo everything I did? I'd like to instead create a new non-fault tolerant vdisk with the single drive.

I've included a screen grab of what it looks like now. Thanks in advance!

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Re: MSA2312i extra disk in vdisk

same question..

vdisk with 2.1 TB used and 1.2 free

can I unassign physical disks to vdisk?