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MSA2312i firmware M110R28-02

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Jason Ng Teng Po
Frequent Advisor

MSA2312i firmware M110R28-02

Hi all,

I have updated the M110R28-02 firmware for Controller A. After that it continue with Controller B (Partner option is on). Once controller B is completed, it keeps updating it again for almost 1 hour even though I confirmed that the firmware is already stated the latest firmware.

But once I turn the partner option off, then it does not update anymore.

Anyone face this issue before?
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA2312i firmware M110R28-02


please enable FTP in the CLI and upload the firmware by FTP onto controller B. I had this error a few times. Otherwise you can log a call @ hp.


Best regards,
Armin Kerl
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Re: MSA2312i firmware M110R28-02

Have the same Problem.
This Firmware have a serious Bug and is still on the Web.
The first L2 Solution was "Disable Partner Firmware Update", this seems to work, but after Power Off/On the never ending Updating is starting again.

L2 try to fix it remote, but killed my second Controller.
Now after 3 Days Offline they relaced the second Controller and do an Firmware Downgrade, now it works.
Vincent Alberti
New Member

Re: MSA2312i firmware M110R28-02

Step one:
Logon to the A controller and disable the "partner firmware update"
You might have to try this a few times to interrupt the loop.
How: from the Graphical interface
In the Configuration View panel, right-click the system and select
Configuration > Advanced Settings > Firmware
Clear the Partner Firmware Update option
Click Apply.
How: from the CLI.
Set advanced-settings partner-firmware-upgrade off

Step two:
Logon to the B controller and manual update the firmware for the B controller.

Step three:
Enable partner firmware update again.

Step four:
Restart the MSA ( Both controllers )
Check status, and if any controller is degraded, Shutdown the MSA Power down, and wait 15 secconds Power up and boot the MSA.
New Member

Re: MSA2312i firmware M110R28-02

Thanks Victor...your solution helped me escaped the mad cycle of being bounced back and forth. Just trying to be proactive on firmware before this goes into production...not cool first experiences.
Joseph Mancera
Occasional Contributor

Re: MSA2312i firmware M110R28-02

Glad I'm able to find someone with the same problem I had... I already upgraded my Controller A and the same thing Controller B continuously upgrading by the PFU and it goes on for about 3 hours... Everytime I logged in the SMU the process continues...

I'll try the solution Vincent suggested..

@Steve.. does it worked for you?