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MSL Drive not visible - San Backup

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MSL Drive not visible - San Backup

We have a 8 GB San Switch (AM868A) connected to the MSA 2000 storage. One DL 380
G7 server installed with Red Hat Linux version 5.6. and connected to this san s
witch and LUN assigned from MSA 2000 and working OK.

We have MSA 1000 storage has a built-in san switch. One MSL 6000 library with LT
O-3 drive is connected to this san switch using the NSR e1200.

I have connected(cascading) this MSA 1000 SAN switch to the New 8 GB (AM868A) sa
n switch using the E-Port. After cascading both the san switches i have configur
ed the zoning on the 8 GB San switch. I have created a ZONE(DL server+MSL Libra
ry in one Zone) in 8 GB san switch with the DL 380 G7(Linux version 5.6) and the
MSL Library NSR in one SAN switch. After creating Zone i am not able to see the
MSL library visible on the DL 380 G7 Server running with Linux 5.6 version.

We want to configure Dataprotector San based backup using thie MSL library conne
cted on the another MSA san switch.

Firmware versions:
8 GB san switch - v6.4.1
MSA san Switch - v3.2.1c
MSL NSR E1200 FIrmware - 5.20

Please let us know how to make the MSL LTO drive visible in DL 380 G7 server.

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Re: MSL Drive not visible - San Backup

Did you create a mapping on the NSR?

Hope this helps!

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