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Merging San switches

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David Gtz

Merging San switches

I have 4 brocade san switches in two separate san
and i would like to connect 2 San and make only one big san , to share devices and make zoning between them
I've seen working , but i 've never configure connection between switches

What considerations do i have to had , before everithing starts ,
today i connect only 2 by one fiber , and the port type has changed from F to "E" (e-port)

i was investigating and i found that i have to change the Domain ID to make the connection
BUT! it has to be disable

and i have my production enviroment in one of the 2 san

can some body give a clue

and .. can i have a Fiber channel Ring?
the interconnection like

I have full fabric license on four

thanks everyone

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Re: Merging San switches

There should be Unique Domain ID across the Switches.

So there should be NO 2 Switches with Domain ID 1.
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Re: Merging San switches

Hi David,

Firstly you can connect your switches in a ring if you want. I suggest that you review the 'Design' section in the SAN Design Guide first.


Secondly, the previous respondent is correct - your domain ID's need to be unique accross the fabric and, yes, changing the domain ID is an offline operation.

Now that you are in this situation, however, do consider the design option where you multipath your nodes across two separate fabrics. This way you can retain the current connections and domain ID's AND improve your measure of availability. The SAN Dsegin Guide will be able to help.