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Migrating EVA, boot from SAN

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Migrating EVA, boot from SAN

Hi, how you doing?

I have to migrate an EVA4000 to EVA6400 in a SAN environment, the issue in this, are 14 Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition SP 1, because all of them booting from SAN...

Data migration will be done through an ISL between existing and new SAN infrastructure, where I have no experience is in migration of the boot LUN to the operating system, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Migrating EVA, boot from SAN

Hello good evening :)

I'm good.

I presumably in regards to the boot from SAN LUNs that you would have to rediscover/reconfigure the FC adapter on each host after the move because the LUNs will have new WWNs.

I have however never done this migration so maybe somebody else can share some insights.

You got the CA replication sorted to migrate the vdisks?
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Re: Migrating EVA, boot from SAN


They will likely use COntinous Access.
Once done.
Shut your servers down
SAN folks will have to rezone your WIndows servers with new EVA6400
SAN Folks will redefine HostGroups and re-establish Vdisks presentation, etc.

For each WIndows Server:

You'd have to boot to the Qlogic or Whatever HBA you use
Rediscover and assign Boot LUN

Good Luck.
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