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MirrorClones and Databases

William E Howard
Regular Advisor

MirrorClones and Databases

I have not been able to find any documentation on the process of using a Mirrorclone and a Database. Everything I find talks about using RSM with DButil on SQL 2000, or addresses some PDF document called "Replicating SQL Database Using EVA Snapshot/Snapclone/Mirrorclone Technology In A SAN Environment With RSM And Dbutil" that I cannot find.


I am looking at the feasibility of using a Mirrorclone to replicate a database in a readonly fashion, to be addressed by a high performance reporting server. Snapshots or Snapclones won't work, because I need to run reports that are extremely stressful and need to be accurate to within a minute of production. Database is currently SQL 2008.


SAN is an EVA 4400 with 60 spindles.




After further research, turns out you cannot actually present a Mirrorclone while it is still a mirror. You have to fracture it, then present it. This means it won't work for what I was planning, due to the need for live data.