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Re: Mirrorclones with Oracle and SQL

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Mirrorclones with Oracle and SQL

We are a new user of Business Copy in a shop that is heavy with Oracle and SQL applications. Are there database-specific issues using mirrorclones as a recovery tool for server hardware failure?

I have the HP doc "Replicating SQL database using EVA snapshot/snapclone/mirrorclone technology in a SAN environment with RSM and Dbutil", but am using CommandView 9.02 to create the mirrorclones. Do you need to suspend the database for creation of the mirrorclone if there is no activity during the creation? Thanks!
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Re: Mirrorclones with Oracle and SQL

I'm on MSA 2000 (I understand that you are using EVA, correct?), but maybe the following can give you an idea:

- As far as I know, if you use ASM as a storage option for Oracle, then snapshots are not supported. If this is the case you need to stop the DB/Server prior copying the Volume(s).

- If you use plain ".dbf" files, snapshots/clones do work for hot backup

- In particular, what I usually do is to take a snapshot of the relevant Volumes. Immediately after that, I create a physical clone, in background, starting from the snapshot itself

- In fact, if the original VDisk would get corrupted, the snapshot would be useless. Having a physical clone on a different VDisk is therefore necessary.

- I do not create the physical clone directly from the VDisk because that would need the Server to be shut down. So: snapshot --> clone is the procedure I use to avoid downtime

- In case you need to restore, starting from the hot-copied Volume, it's going to be like recovering from a power failure, but after a filesystem check and instance recovery, all goes back to a normal situation (tested).

Sorry if using BusinessCopy the concepts are different, just wished to help out somehow.