More host on SAN ?

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More host on SAN ?

Dear eveyone,


I need to size a SAN for Citrix XenApp environnement in a datacenter.

In a first time, we will have 100 users on our servers. i was thinking to buy a SAN P2000 G3 with 4 ports controllers per controller (2), so 4 host servers with HA.


But it could grow up fast and we need to be sure of the sizing SAN. If i need more than 4 host servers, How could i do ?


Do i need to take another SAN with more port controllers ?



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Re: More host on SAN ?



Which controller do you have in mind? SAS, FC or iSCSI?

If it is SAS you can indeed direct-connect up to 4 servers in a HA way... If you want more servers, then you need to go for the iSCSI or FC controller. You can start with SAS now, in a later phase you can swap the controllers with FC or iSCSI. Data will be kept, no backup or restore.


Why would you go for a P2000 G3? Know that there are today MSA1040 and MSA2040 next generation SANs with higher performance and more flexibility on the controllers (for the 2040).





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