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Mounting NAS Filesystems wrt Qtree

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Mounting NAS Filesystems wrt Qtree

I am very new to managing Unix File systems
What I want to know is what is a qtree and how does it change my command to mount a UFS(Unix file system)?

I have been asked to mount a few NAS mounts and have been asked to make sure to mention the correct qtree and check they are loaded fine ...
By what I have read about qtree i could not relate to this instruction?
Can someone kindly clarify and help me understand qtree and its significance in mounting

for mounting i am simply doing
mount sservr:/dir/dir

The vfstab already has an entry like below
sserver:/dir1/dir1 - /myDir1 nfs - yes rw,bg,hard,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,vers=3,llock,nointr,proto=tcp,suid

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Re: Mounting NAS Filesystems wrt Qtree

Qtree is nothing but a directory which can be exported via NFS just like any other unix directory. There are differences which are clearly stated in my blog


Mentioning the correct qtree is like mentioning the right share. Sometimes the parent directory is also a share and the sub dir is also a share. Your client may be wanting specific mount points for specific directories.

So in this case /dir/dir - the second dir is a qtree.