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Move vdisk from one disk group to another

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Move vdisk from one disk group to another


I've been using CA for some time to allow me to move a vdisk/lun from one EVA to another. This is fine and failover is seemless....I shut down the host OS, failover the disks, then power on the server and all is fine.

However I'd really like to be able to move some vdisks from one diskgroup to another on the same EVA.

I've tried using mirrorclone which, in theory, would allow me to do exactly what I need but I have not been able to get it to work successfully. This is the method I've used...

- replicate the vdisk in the background
- once the copy has completed, shut down the host OS
- break the mirror
- unpresent the original disk from the host OS
- present the new (mirrored) disk to the host OS using the same LUN ID

The problem that I had with this method was that I was applying it to a clustered SQL server node....the OS would hang at the "Applying computer settings" bit.

Once I failed back to the original disks and booted in to Windows, the error logs showed that MPIO could not detect the disks down the expected path. So it seems that a mirrored vdisk has a new WW LUN name, which makes sense, but my question remains...

How can I move (not just copy) a vdisk to another disk group.

FYI I'm running with 8400's and 8100's.

Many thanks!
charles yoakum
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Re: Move vdisk from one disk group to another

I do not think you can move at this time. HP and others have an appliance that can do this but with just CA and Business copy I do not think you can get by without using Mirrorcloneing.
I have done this but I move it to a new server as I wanted to get all my old LUN's from a mix groups to just a New one on the same EVA.
I do believe that the copy LUN does have some difference in AIX I have tried to do this but it was not possible to do it with the same LUN#, WWN and OS unit ID (yes MS does not use this).
Sorry you sound like you are doing it right but you will not be able to do it without a copy and not a move, unless you buy the add-in appliance. I am at this time looking at several of these. I have 6 EVA's.
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Re: Move vdisk from one disk group to another

Thanks charles. I would say it comes close to confirming what I thought, but I would still love to hear an "official" statement.

Would it make any different (are there any new options) if the LUN is taken offline?
charles yoakum
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Re: Move vdisk from one disk group to another

No, the offline would not buy you anything.
in the next 3 weeks I will have several companys drop by to tell me what they can do with the EVA's and with thier applince I think you could do what you are looking for. I do not know the cost as yet.
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Re: Move vdisk from one disk group to another

Diskgroups have the isolated redundancy on an EVA. This means, the physical disks are shared only in one disk group. vdisks (luns) are created from these disks in the disk group. Hence you can not really "move a vdisk" from one disk group to another as they do not share same physical disks or redundancy. Hence the only way is to copy it.


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Re: Move vdisk from one disk group to another

Did you manage to find a solution to allow you to move a vdisk? I need to do something similar to migrate my existing vdisks from a FATA disk group to an FC disk group in the same EVA and would prefer to do this hot/warm if possible.

I'm pretty sure I had this capability on my old CX600 and am kind of surprised it can't be readily done on the EVA. Of course, it could be that since I didn't purchase BC and only have CA, I can't avoid using your method. Thank you.