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Multipath verification

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Multipath verification

Hi All,

I have about 1200 servers in my environment. I need to verify if all the HBA's on all my servers can see the Array. i know i can do this from the switch but is there any way i can script this to verify each HBA can see the array and collect the data into a spreadsheet ?

Sheldon Smith

Re: Multipath verification

There probably is some way to script it. I would think something involving SSH connections to the servers, then commands to verify the host sees the desired array(s), and also check all paths are working.

With that many servers, take a look at "HP Storage Essentials Storage Resource Management Enterprise Edition Software" -- http://h18006.www1.hp.com/products/storage/software/e-suite/se-index.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN

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Sagar Sirdesai
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Re: Multipath verification


One option is to login to the Command view using SSU Utility.
I can't remember the syntax or options .
But sure you can some usefull commad in SSU to achieve this

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Re: Multipath verification

As previously stated, some sort of scripting would do it.
I don't think SSSU will work. If I'm not mistaken it will show you the configuration details (host ports) but won't tell you if an HBA is disconnected.
Storage E$$entials will also do it but it's not free. Are you using Brocade switches? if you already know all the HBA's have been correctly zoned, you could try "Brocade SAN Health Diagnostics Capture". It's free and would highlight zone issues such as hanging members.