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NPIV and Command View

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NPIV and Command View

Hi Folks,

We are planning to consolidate two Command View EVA servers vía VMware ESX4.

The current scenario is 2 servers, running different Command View versions and managing different EVAs. The objective is to use VMware ESX to run 2 virtual machines, each assigned different virtual WWNs vía NPIV. Zones will be setup accordingly.

I've already checked the docs for HBA, SAN Switch and firmware compatibility.

Please, may you throw in some insight regarding Command View's behavior in this setup?

Thanks in advance for any comments,

Thomas Callahan
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Re: NPIV and Command View

Does your ESX4 server use the EVA's for storage?

If so, it's a relatively bad idea to put the management station for the EVA's on something that requires the EVA's to be online to operate.

Hopefully that last sentence is clear.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: NPIV and Command View

do you have any document that explains this task?

I've had some discussion with a sales colleague last year(!) who came back from the usual 'sales brainwashing shows' and said he was told that feature was available _now_.

I was pretty unimpressed by that claim and he got a bit upset...

A moment ago I've searched all CV-EVA V9 pdf documents I have for "VMware", "machine" and "NPIV"(0 hits,btw) and could not find anything that describes how to get it running.

Contrary to popular believe, VMware ESX NPIV *DOES NOT* put a virtual Fibre Channel Adapter in a VM!! The VM does not have access to Fabric services. You have to set up an RDM connection to be able to use NPIV.
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Re: NPIV and Command View

@ Thomas: Nope, the ESX server is using just internal mirrored storage, and your suggestion is pretty clear and makes plenty of sense.

@ Uwe: That is true, and it was my initial misbelief...

I hope to test this setup in a practice environment next week and will summarize afterwards,

Any additional comments are welcome,


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Re: NPIV and Command View


you have in attachment the CV 9.1 Read Me, which gives what is supported wih this release :

- CV running on a VMware VM

Is it real?, anf if yes, is there a configuration guide ?