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New P2000 G3 having communication problem with controller

Dik H

New P2000 G3 having communication problem with controller

Hello..need help on below.


We just received a new P2000 G3 SAN (FC/iSCSI dual controller) ordered factory integrated with a BladeSystem from HP. Upon setup of the new hardware, we noticed that it was not shipped with the default IP ( but rather with The SAN could not pickup DHCP address from our network also. We proceeded as follows:


1. After accessing the unit through CLI, we managed to set network parameters and changed controller IP to appropriate IP.

2  Restarted both MC through CLI

3. Tested network connectivity through PING successfully

4. Accessed WEBUI. Initially webui said 'System not accessible'. Upon retry 3-4 times, managed to login on the web SMU. However system showed communication problem with host as well as could not display controller status. Configuration wizard or network/time configuration failed with 'Error communicating with controller'.

5. Could not also upgrade firmware due to communication problem.

6. Accessed CLI again and checked 'show config' and 'show versions'. System could not display any detail from both controllers (eg. Network IP showed 'no_data' while infact controller responds to PING requests)

7. Reseated both controllers but to no avail.


Any idea how we can proceed with above problem? comments/solutions most welcomed..


The unit has to be under production early January 2012!

Dik H

Re: New P2000 G3 having communication problem with controller

Just to add, we also performed 'restore defaults' from CLI but command failed to complete.

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Re: New P2000 G3 having communication problem with controller

Did you try resetting controller & fw upgrade via the CLI? If this also fails, there could be a HW issue with controller, you should contact HP for troubleshooting and for possible part replacements.


You can try the guided troubleshooting from HP http://h20584.www2.hp.com/hpgt/guides/select?lang=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=12169&prodSeriesId=4118559&lang=en&cc=us




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