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New to FC - some basic questions

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New to FC - some basic questions

Hello Fellow admins. Im new to FC storage, and i recently bought a MSA p2000G3 dual controller with 24x300GB SAS 10K disks. one brocade switch - 4 vmware ESX 4.1 servers with one single port HBA in each.

2 vdisks 12 disk raid5 and 12 disk raid10. 64kb chunnk size.
Queue depth default 32.
Fixed path. 5 luns on raid 5, 3 luns on raid 10. the fixed paths are fixed to the owning controller. vdisk 1 owned by A, vdisk2 owned by b.

Previusly all our vm's were runnning on an old ibm DS300 iscsi. I migrated the 10 terminal servers to the raid 5 vdisk, and 4 dc/exchanges to the raid 10. The servers are only loaded with 5-10 users each, running office applications. Windows 2008R2. And 2 DC's and 2 exchanges with about 50 active users in total.

Everything started running extreme slow, latencies above 30.000 ms.

I migrated most of the servers back. Now i have 4 servers on lun5 on the raid 5, and i still see latency spikes of 250ms even in the evening where almost no users are logged on.

I dont get it! FC should be low latency, so it is probably because of my newbish knowledge that i see theese problems.

1. What is optimum raid level for my setup?
2. What is optimum queue depth? (running HP 81B hba's)
3. Will i gain something by adding dual port HBA's and selecting round robin?
4. INFO: Switch is soft zoned with 1 hba access to the 4 host ports.

Running iometer test on one server i get almost 20.000 iops from the lun, but the virtual machine CPU load will be above 60% when i run the test. Is this normal? Running the same test on the iscsi san, the cpu load is only a few percent.

6. Is it recommended to update the HBA firmware and bios?

7. Is there any other HBA settings that should be applied?

I have read tons of HP white papers, so this is not because im a lazy admin who want everything on a silver plate.

Please be kind to help me.


Regards Mikkel
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Re: New to FC - some basic questions

Please be kind to respond.. :-(
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: New to FC - some basic questions

Hey, usually activity on the forum is a little lower on the weekends. And these aren't necessarily basic questions ;)

How do you measure the latency?

3. Not necessarily with round robin. Does your SAN switch have four cables going to the P2000? Can you monitor the SAN-links? Are any of them over-utilized?
6. Definitely, I would check out the P2000 and Brocade firmware as well.

Have you checked on block size for the disks?