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Newbie boot from SAN

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Newbie boot from SAN

Newbie first post:
Using an existing W2K3 Proliant DL360G4, I installed an older FCA2101 HBA and connected to our SAN (EVA5000). I presented a LUN to the DL360 and using a product called Acronis (disk imaging software like Ghost), I copied the local Boot system drive to the SAN presented LUN in hopes that I could then boot from SAN using this image. The software can makes an exact bootable image.

I applied the latest firmware and drivers to the FCA2101 (RB1.70A3/3.93a0)(SCSIPORT 5-520A9) , enabled the BIOS, selected the correct EVA controller WWPN as the primary boot path. I rebooted the DL360, pulled the local smart drive array hard drives, and set the Boot controller Order on the DL360 to boot from the FCA2101 first.

During boot, The Emulex card indicates "Installing Emulex BIOS" , "then bringing up link", then "--adapter 1

lp950".."bus#, PCI device #..." ... Emulex BIOS not installed.

Can someone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this? I'm trying to isolate this into either I have not correctly configured the HBA to boot properly, the image I created is not really bootable, or I need to do additional steps to make this work.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Newbie boot from SAN

You don't mention your EVA5000 FW revision - you should be at 3.028 - minimum 3.025.

Also, your SCSI miniport driver is supported, but the recommended version is 5-5.20a10.

Can you "see" the EVA LUN from the adapter bios?
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Re: Newbie boot from SAN

Hi Ray

Here is a link to the SAN boot guide for W2K3 http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00099862/c00099862.pdf

When configuring the boot paths in both HBA's you need to configure one boot path for each controller port. So you need to configure a total of four boot paths per HBA
If you look at the list of WWPN's in the detected list you will see the list digit has a different number this corresponds to the port of the EVA controller.

The other thing is you need to set on the HBA is set the adapters Topology to "point to point" and you also need to switch on "Enable Start Unit Command" You will find detailed steps in the San Boot guide

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Re: Newbie boot from SAN


One quick question on disable and enable "Start Unit Command".

1) Why we need to enable it?

2) When we need to disable and re-enable it?

3) If assign a new LUN, do we need to touch this setting?

4) We encounter blue screen and it work find once we disable it.

Hope someone could advice what possible cause it blue screen.