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One Controller Lost on HP EVA

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One Controller Lost on HP EVA

Without any changes lost one conntroller (Controller A) on HP EVA 6400 (HSV400)


Controller B:


Mirror Path 1: Not Active

Mirror Path 2: Not Active

Mirror Port 1 State: Failed

Mirror Port 2 State: Failed


Controller A:

TC: 8302206c  IDX: LF

Param 00: 00000800

Param 01: 000eec98

Param 02: 00000007

Param 03: 0000000e

Param 04: 070e0900

Param 05: 005b2a3c

Param 06: c0000000

Param 07: 00000000

Param 08: 00000001

Param 09: f0fefbf9

Param 10: 0d8000ff

Param 11: 00000000

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: One Controller Lost on HP EVA



google does not find anything on the termination code: 8302206c or 0x8302206c.


I'd suggest contacting HP.


Which XCS are you running? Do you see any other errors/red lights or messages on the controller?