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P2000 Changing Connected Host

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P2000 Changing Connected Host

Hello, we have a P2000 that is directly connected to two servers via FC.  We are in the process of changing what host that FC is connected to and are running into an issue.  When we move the FC cable to the new host, the FC port on the P2000 does not come back up.  The port states that it is disconnected and the heath reason is "Host port has up/down state changes."  I have tried to reset the host port and restart the controllers and neither made a difference.  Is there something that we need to do to change hosts or is there something else going on?  Thanks for your help.

Jan Soska
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Re: P2000 Changing Connected Host


check if all FC ports (on p2000 and server) are set to auto mode regarding speed. And there is also possibility you have to change port setting on server to "loop" mode as you do not use FC switches. (Compare configuration on old and new host...)