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P2000 G3 Snapshot? Issue


P2000 G3 Snapshot? Issue

Been working with a P2000 G3 for the past week and defined a snapshot schedule for my 2 volumes last night. I'm doing a rotation of 4 hourly snaps, 2 daily snaps, and 1 weekly snap per volume. I set the schedule for both volumes to start at midnight. So 6 snapshots all running at the same time.

Come in this morning to some very mixed results. My hosts were no longer listed, my schedules were gone, my snapshots were non-existent and my events were empty. After about 30 minutes of restarting management controllers and storage controllers I finally got the system back in a decent state. One of my hosts had reverted from the alias I created to the full IQN name, and some? of my snapshots started to fire off. I/O to my hosts didn't appear to be affected at all through this entire ordeal.

I decided to start fresh, clear the snaps, rename the IQN back to its alias, and reset the schedule to perform all 6 snaps at the same time but a few minutes in the future to see if I could reproduce the issue. This time my SSH MC and WEB MC both wouldn't authenticate, but a few minutes later I could get in and all but 1 snap had completed successfully. No event that could explain why it skipped a snap.

Any thoughts here? Can the P2000 not handle multiple snaps to the same volume at the same time? Is 6 at once too much in general?